The Atelier Chardon Architecture was founded by Félicie Chardon, French architect and Sydney based interior designer, born in Paris and raised in France and the United States. Since graduating from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles in 2007 she has become a specialist in commercial and hotel design, working most recently on large scale luxury retail projects.

Her international experience -- working throughout Europe, Australia, the Maldives and the Caribbean -- allows Félicie to be sensitive to the cultural responses of clients, consultants, contractors and staff in complex environments.

Atelier Chardon Architecture seeks to use clever and beautiful design as a basis to create meaningful spaces. Inspired by the environment and historical surroundings of each setting the design studio takes charge of the entire aesthetic of each of her projects, overseeing architecture, interior architecture and furniture design.

Atelier Chardon Architecture is committed to design quality and innovation, aspects which are reflected throughout the design process, from initial scheme development, to detailed final plans, to finished spaces.